About Me

I am an entrepreneur from Canada who helps people achieve time and financial freedom by providing people with cost effective ways to earn an income online. 

I began my online business as a way to develop income for retirement. After saving a percentage of my salary for over 25 years in various RRSPs, I realized that I had not accumulated anywhere near the amount required for retirement. Due to market fluctuations and management fees, the total value of my investments had not grown with compounding interest but barely matched what was invested dollar for dollar.

Realizing I wasn’t the only person in this situation, I have been developing ways to help others by teaching what I have learned about earning an online income. 

As I like to say:
“It is never too late to start building the life of your dreams.”

Email:  gerry@gerrymorand.com

Messenger Link: https://m.me/gerrymorand